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Customer Feedback Form
ERC strives to treat all customers with dignity and respect, because at the end of the day through experience, training and wisdom results improve dramatically when people are treated properly. Upon submitting any feedback to our office, please allow us 72 hours for a response to ensure all comments are thoroughly reviewed.
In some cases, ERC may need to contact you for additional information about your concerns to ensure that a complete investigation is conducted for an accurate response. All responses will be forwarded to CustomerCare@erccollections.com.
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In all communications; I am a debt collector attempting to collect a debt and any information obtained will be used for that purpose. Enhanced Recovery Company, LLC works diligently to treat all customers with the utmost professionalism and respect; however we do understand that some discrepancies and misunderstandings may occur. Enhanced Recovery Company, LLC wants to be proactive in resolving any complaint or occurrence you may have encountered when working with our office and representatives. By providing our agency with detailed information, we can personally investigate and respond to your special needs as directed by you to ensure our office is meeting the satisfaction of all Clients and customers alike.
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